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 Death was started in New York back in 1977 by young music entrepreneur Jim "Nipo" Antonucci.  Nip, as his friend's called him started selling collectable records at comic book conventions before record meets were in vogue. He also helped manage the now famous music store "Record Stop" on  Long Island and was a major influence in expanding the still blossoming  New York punk scene.  His close friend and fellow music fan Jimi LaLumia was always looking at new bands and could be found at the now legendary Max's Kansas City on any given night. Out of this friendship the idea was born. To launch his young independent record label, Death, he decided to release "Death to Disco" by Jimi LaLumia & the Psychotic Frogs. Its release resulted in amazing sales, unlimited media attention worldwide. It was the first U.S. punk single to be banned by a major record chain, Sam Goody's... it was the first U.S. single to feature the word "Fuck" in the A side chorus, years before hardcore punk and hip hop followed suit. Other releases on Death were Barry Knoedl "Baby Don't Give Up". In John Borack's 2007 book Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide, Borack placed "Baby Don't Give Up" at 14 in his list of 30 great US indie power pop songs. Next came the follow up to "Death to Disco" the amazing yet controversial,  "Typically Tasteless EP" by Jimi LaLumia & the Psychotic Frogs. Wrapped in a brown paper bag  (the brown paper bag was inspired by Brian Epstein's original plan to release The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's album in brown paper bags, and since "Eleanor Rigby" got a re-do on the Death E.P., we followed Epstein's plan) it contained four powerhouse tracks that would turn the punk world on its ears. Beatle fans were shocked & outraged when they heard Jimi's version of the classic "Eleanor Rigby" and punks cheered to finally hear Wayne County's uncensored version of "Fucked by the Devil".  The fourth Death release Cracked Actor's "Nazi School" was like a bulldozer of punk classics.  Some have called it "the Holy Grail of Hardcore". A true punk anthem.Today this highly sought after single is fetching upwards of $500.00 ...  Now DEATH is back, as always DEATH will bring all types of music from punk, pop, glam,rock, new old and a few things dug up from DEATH'S own moldy vaults.  




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